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Ultimate cbt pleasure device
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Extreme stainless steel ball stretcher

Mike’s Spikes, the ultimate extreme stainless steel ball stretcher for every male enthusiast across the globe. After winning the 2011 XBiz alternative pleasure product award, the Mike’s Spikes have gone on to have tremendous success worldwide. In fact, this product has been seen on the FX Network as part of American Horror Story. While this product isn’t a horror story, it is a great masterpiece that is bound to get your balls stretched and pumped.

While it’s main functionality is a CBT device, many use it as ball stretcher. The device is unique and looks appealing. Boasting a medieval style, the spikes and stainless steel cylinder will be like nothing you’ve ever used before. Upon using it, you will actually feel like a naughty man capable of conquering the world.

The spikes are fully removable and adjustable, giving you complete control over how many spikes you decide to use. The distance of the screws can be adjusted for your penises girth, and the screws can also be loosened to give the device it’s traditional ball stretching feature. The choice is really yours with this 2-in-1 product.

The inner diameter is 1,76 inches (without screws) and height is 1,5 inches. Spikes are 0,6 inch long. Mike’s spikes come with blunt spikes (left on picture), but you can get extra sharp spikes to. You can buy then together with this CBT device or separately in case you already own Mike’s Spikes.

The only con to this product is the fact that the allen wrench and lock isn’t included. I’m sure you’re bound to have some lying around in your garage or toy box though. If you’re looking for a top-quality stainless steel ball stretcher and CBT device, Mike’s Spikes is definitely the way forward.

You can get this CBT device in many different stores online and offline. But since you are already online, you can get them over at Stockroom or at BP Store (Use code “SAVE10” for additional 10% OFF discount).


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Leather ball stretcher with ball seperator and cock ring

If you are looking for ultimate leather ball stretcher, I have a really nice one for you. This is one of the best ball stretchers I seen in a while. It’s actually more then just a testicle stretcher. It also have a cock ring that can prelonger and enhance your erection, so you can enjoy cbt games even longer.

Another cool feature of this stretcher is extra strap you can use to separate your testicles for even more pleasure. And if that is not enough for you, you can even hang some ball weights on that D-ring that is on the strap. This is kind off all-in-one cbt toy, if you ask me.

This leather ball stretcher is made out of high quality firm leather, but soft to the touch at the same time. It have nice rounded edges that wont cut in to your skin, which is very important, specially if you want to wear it for longer time.

The snap closures on the side of the sheath allow for two different levels of tightness for the best fit. That makes this leather ball stretcher suitable for beginners and advance users. Ball separating strap and cock ring are also adjustable for various sizes.

This specific ball stretcher have a 2,5 inch sheath. That means that is not suitable for beginners, unless you have low hanging testicles by nature (lucky bastard).

If you are going to use ball weights, I would highly recommend you to do that with caution and at your own risk.

I think this is great versatile leather ball stretcher. I also like the price, which is quite affordable. You can get it here for just 35$.

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Neoprene ball stretchers

Neoprene ball stretchers or rubber ball stretchers are also popular with some of the users. Comparing to other scrotum stretchers, they are a little bit more flexible. After all, they are made out of neoprene rubber, just like wet suits. Many say they are much more comfortable and light then any other ball stretchers on the market.

Neoprene ball stretchers are comfortable to wear all day long and they will give you a nice snug feeling. They are also very newbie friendly. Most of them have soft rounded edges that won’t cut sensitive skin. And best of all, they are quite inexpensive.

There are basically 2 types of neoprene ball stretchers. First one is ball stretcher with snaps that you put around scrotum and snap it together as tight as you want. The second type have no snaps and is one piece stretcher. This one have to be pulled on . It’s a little harder to put it on, but you sure wont get pinched. Just make sure you use enough lube. You can use any lube you want, although some oil-based lubes might not work well with it.

This is one piece neoprene ball stretcher made by KinkLab. It have nice rounded edges and is probably one of the most comfortable ball stretcher you will ever wear. It can be worn all day without pinching or biting into your skin. It comes in 3 sizes, 1,5″, 2,25″ and 3″. All of them have inside diameter 1.25″. The smallest one can also be used as cock ring and longest one as sheath for your penis.  Some users claim that this stretcher is not stretchy enough and is hard to get your scrotum through and once you get it on, it’s not tight enough. If this happens to you too, just fold it over on helf. But in this case you will need 2 stretchers or bigger one to compensate for lenght. But is totally up to user, for some this neoprene ball stretcher is stretchy enough amd gives then strong enough snug, for some it doesn’t.  In case you like this one and you want to give it a try, you can buy it over here.

This is classic neopreme ball stretcher with snaps. This model is also made by KinkLab and is one of most popular neoprene ball stretchers out there. This model also have rounded edges for comfortable wearing and is available in two different sizes. Small one, which is appropriate for beginners, is 2 snap version and is 1,5″ long. The big one is 3 snap version and is 2″ long. Both of them have same circumference, which can be adjusted from 3,5″-4,5″ with nickel-plated snaps. If you prefer this one, you can find it here.

Tell me guys, which version of neopreme ball stretchers is your favorite one? What are your pros and cons?

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Leather ball stretchers

Leather ball stretchers are the most popular types of scrotum stretchers. They are simple to use, quite comfortable and also very affordable. There main purpose is to keep your scrotum from retracting upward during ejaculation.

Of course there is a couple of different types of leather ball stretcher, but the main difference between them is size and the way you fit them around your scrotum. Most scrotum stretchers made out of leather itself don’t offer you much of a tug, which is perfect for those who are just starting out with ball stretching.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want a really good tug, leather ball stretcher can still do a good job. You just need to pick the right size or add some ball stretcher weights. Many leather ball stretchers have O-ring or D-ring where you can attach ball stretcher weights or any thing else you might like. Some people like to use leash to give some extra tug when they want.

Leather ball stretcher is also easy to fit. You simply wrap the ball stretcher around your scrotum and fit it together. There are four typical types of fitting, snaps, buckle, velcro, and lock. I personally don’t like snaps too much, because I find them difficult to snap together. But that is just me.

Bellow you can see couple of the most common types of leather ball stretchers you can get.

Leather ball stretcher velcroSee details!
Leather ball stretcher snapsSee details!
Leather ball stretcher strapsSee details!
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Ball stretcher weights

Cylinder ball weights

Ball stretcher weights can add a little more weight to your play. I love word games. I also love ball stretcher weights. When I want to play a little bit more hard, I add weights on my ball stretcher to add additional tug to my balls.

Let’s see what ball stretcher weights can do for you or your submissive. Weights will help your scrotum stretch and hang lower. You can use them with any ball stretcher with O or D ring. They can also be used with any other devices like nipple clamps.

Scrotum stretcher weights comes in many different shapes, weight and colors. It’s totally up to you which one you want to use. There are three basic shapes of weights. Most common one are tear a like shape weights, but you can also find them in round and cylinder shape. They are usually chrome-plated or coated with vinyl. Different users have different needs and this is why you can find ball stretcher weights from 2oz and up to 32oz.

To make you decision easier, I made a small list and descriptions of three basic ball stretcher weights for you to choose from. While shape of the weights doesn’t play any role, be careful how heavy weights you use. If you are beginner, start with 2-6oz weights and add them gradually.

Round ball stretcher weights

Chrome ball stretcher weights

This are simple round chrome-plated ball weights with sturdy stainless still clip. This weight is also available in black.You can get them in many different sizes, starting from 2oz.

You can buy them over at or Just click the links to take you there.

Tear shape ball weights

Vinyl coated ball stretcher weight

This is widely used ball stretcher weight. It’s made out of metal and coated with vinyl. This  kind of weights are often used also as nipple clamp weights. At 6oz-10oz it’s not very heavy and is appropriate for all users, even for newbies.

You can buy them over at or

Cylinder ball weights

Chrome ball stretcher weights

Cylinder ball weights are made for hardcore and seasonable users. They are the biggest of their kind. Available in sizes 16oz, 24oz and 32oz. Like all other weights, they also have sturdy stainless still clip. Use them with extreme caution.

You can buy them over at or Click the links to take you there.

NOTE: Use weights with extreme caution, care, and common sense to avoid causing injury. For bigger selection of ball stretcher weights visit this site.

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