A ball stretcher is a sex toy that can be used for pain, pleasure or both. The basic idea is to stretch the scrotum and elongate it. With long-term wear the user of a ball stretcher can expect to see significantly increased scrotum length so the balls will hang lower. That’s not all a ball stretcher is about though. It’s a key component of cock and ball torture as it can create a significant amount of pain. If someone puts you in a ball stretcher and increases the pressure to a point that’s uncomfortable then you’re going to experience a great deal of pain. That’s the fun of it.

Ball stretchers come in many different forms. You can buy a steel ball stretcher that’s basically a ring your nuts are stuffed into one by one. It can then have weights hung off of it to generate the necessary pulling and stretching effect. If you want something simpler you can go with a leather ball stretcher. It’s usually a thick piece of leather so the balls can be stretched nice and far. Some leather ball stretchers can also have ball weights attached to help the drag effect.

If you’re a man that enjoys sensation in your testicular area the ball stretcher is the perfect instrument for pleasure. If you want to avoid the pain you can simply buy one that won’t push you beyond your limits. Minus the pain you merely have a pleasing sensation of your sack being tugged on and when manipulating your cock through masturbation or penetrating you’ll feel more sensation as your sack bounces and moves. They can be an instrument of great joy and pleasure in your life if you give ball stretcher a chance to work its magic.