Chrome Ball Stretcher

Chrome Ball StretcherIt’s been a while since I heard this much fuzz around one ball stretcher. Or maybe I’m not use to see so much positive feedback and reviews for one stretcher. It’s not often that I find a chrome ball stretcher that have twenty six (out of 28) 5 star ratings (you can see them here). The only thing some buyers regret is not buying bigger ball stretcher.

This quality metal ball stretchers come in three different sizes (and weight). The smallest one weights 8oz., middle 16oz. and the big one 22oz. You can easily chose the right one according to your experiences or wishes. Package also include 2 eyebolts that can be attached on ball stretcher via screw. You can use them to hang or tie on a wide array of objects such as ball weights, rope, leashes, cuffs, you name it. Just be careful if you are trying them for the first time, not to hurt your self too much. Just take it easy.

This bestselling ball stretcher is designed to perfectly fit around your scrotum and provide you the best stretch ever. There is many reasons why this chrome plated brass ball stretcher is so popular. It’s very easy to put it on and off. While you have to slip most stretchers over your balls to get them on, you don’t have to do same with this ball stretcher. This stretcher opens on each end with use of allen wrench and easily wrap around your scrotum. It’s designed for tight but comfortable fit to make less possible for stretcher to fall off. Combining weights with this chrome ball stretcher can allow you to obtain different sensations and amounts of stretching. Weights are not included with this ball stretcher, but you can purchase them here.

I would most definitely recommend this bestselling chrome ball stretcher. It will give you all the flexibility and stretch your scrotum need. I specially like how easy is to put it on and the way you can control stretch with adding extra weights. To get this great chrome ball stretcher, click here.

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