Ball stretcher weights

Cylinder ball weights

Ball stretcher weights can add a little more weight to your play. I love word games. I also love ball stretcher weights. When I want to play a little bit more hard, I add weights on my ball stretcher to add additional tug to my balls.

Let’s see what ball stretcher weights can do for you or your submissive. Weights will help your scrotum stretch and hang lower. You can use them with any ball stretcher with O or D ring. They can also be used with any other devices like nipple clamps.

Scrotum stretcher weights comes in many different shapes, weight and colors. It’s totally up to you which one you want to use. There are three basic shapes of weights. Most common one are tear a like shape weights, but you can also find them in round and cylinder shape. They are usually chrome-plated or coated with vinyl. Different users have different needs and this is why you can find ball stretcher weights from 2oz and up to 32oz.

To make you decision easier, I made a small list and descriptions of three basic ball stretcher weights for you to choose from. While shape of the weights doesn’t play any role, be careful how heavy weights you use. If you are beginner, start with 2-6oz weights and add them gradually.

Round ball stretcher weights

Chrome ball stretcher weights

This are simple round chrome-plated ball weights with sturdy stainless still clip. This weight is also available in black.You can get them in many different sizes, starting from 2oz.

You can buy them over at or Just click the links to take you there.

Tear shape ball weights

Vinyl coated ball stretcher weight

This is widely used ball stretcher weight. It’s made out of metal and coated with vinyl. ThisĀ  kind of weights are often used also as nipple clamp weights. At 6oz-10oz it’s not very heavy and is appropriate for all users, even for newbies.

You can buy them over at or

Cylinder ball weights

Chrome ball stretcher weights

Cylinder ball weights are made for hardcore and seasonable users. They are the biggest of their kind. Available in sizes 16oz, 24oz and 32oz. Like all other weights, they also have sturdy stainless still clip. Use them with extreme caution.

You can buy them over at or Click the links to take you there.

NOTE: Use weights with extreme caution, care, and common sense to avoid causing injury. For bigger selection of ball stretcher weights visit this site.

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