Leather ball stretchers

Leather ball stretchers are the most popular types of scrotum stretchers. They are simple to use, quite comfortable and also very affordable. There main purpose is to keep your scrotum from retracting upward during ejaculation.

Of course there is a couple of different types of leather ball stretcher, but the main difference between them is size and the way you fit them around your scrotum. Most scrotum stretchers made out of leather itself don’t offer you much of a tug, which is perfect for those who are just starting out with ball stretching.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want a really good tug, leather ball stretcher can still do a good job. You just need to pick the right size or add some ball stretcher weights. Many leather ball stretchers have O-ring or D-ring where you can attach ball stretcher weights or any thing else you might like. Some people like to use leash to give some extra tug when they want.

Leather ball stretcher is also easy to fit. You simply wrap the ball stretcher around your scrotum and fit it together. There are four typical types of fitting, snaps, buckle, velcro, and lock. I personally don’t like snaps too much, because I find them difficult to snap together. But that is just me.

Bellow you can see couple of the most common types of leather ball stretchers you can get.

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