Parachute Ball Stretcher

Parachute ball stretcher is one of my favorite ball stretchers. One of the reason is his versatility. It can be used as a start up ball stretcher for beginners and also for some serious stretching for seasonable cbt lovers. You can actually use the same scrotum stretcher when you first begin and when you are already experienced user.

Parachute ball stretcher is made out of leather in parachute a like shape. Stretcher snaps around your scrotum and three chains, that are attached in the end, will provide you a small tug. Chains are connected together with O ring where you can hang some extra ball weights for additional tug.

And this is why I actually love parachute ball stretcher – the total control of how much tug I want to have. If you want more tug, you add more weights. If not, you can take some of them away. Or at least how mistress instructs.

For those that want to spice up things even more, can try out parachute ball stretcher with spikes. This is special scrotum stretcher with a lot of small spikes in the inside of parachute. Stretcher have about 100 of 1 mm long metal spikes. They are just long enough to subject you with discomfort, but not long enough to pierce your skin, unless it is squeezed or compressed against you.

No matter which ball stretcher you want to use, I have to warn you – play carefully. Specially if you want to use weights. Add them gradually, you don’t hurt your self. This game is about pain and control, not about mutilating yourself. Play safe.

If you like parachute ball stretcher, you most likely want to know where to get them. You can find them in most adult stores that carry s&m toys. The other place is of course internet. Buying adult toys over internet usually have two benefits. First is better price. Online stores don’t have to pay rent and have a lot employees, so they can offer lower prices. Some of them even offer free shipping if you buy more items. Second benefit is anonymous buying. No one will ever know you bought any adult toys ever. They keep all your information very confidential.

But you probably already know all this, so let’s continue with where you can get parachute ball stretcher or any other at that matter. The lowest prices for parachute ball stretcher can usually be found on Amazon (I was shocked too). But the biggest collection of scrotum stretchers can be found over at Stockroom and Extreme Restrains where you can also buy the stretcher with spikes.

I would also like to hear your opinion about parachute ball stretcher. What do you like about it, how was your first time, how do you use it,…? Comment bellow and share your experience with me.

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